Donation Information:

Donations are accepted Monday thru Saturday 9:30AM- 4PM at 4710 NE Vivion Road in Kansas City, MO.

For information on the times donations are accepted, please call (816) 453-3063. Or you can email

If you have a large amount of donations, please call prior to bringing them to verify that we have ample space for storing them.

We appreciate the donations we receive, which enables us to help the various Northland Charities we provide funding to. 

However, there are some items which we are unable to accept - these are:  Stoves, Refrigerators, Freezers, Tires, Wheels, Chemical Items (paint, oil, gas, etc.), Exercise Equipment, Box Springs, Mattresses, Waterbeds, Console TV Sets, Console Stereo/Radio Units, Car Batteries or Items Needing Major Repairs.


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